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Triple Sport | For professional use has been developed in association with Sports Osteopath and Brand Ambassador Jeroen van Duursen. Together with the knowledge of bio-chemists/naturopaths and the sport, sales and design experience of Patricia van der Linden and Daniel Hulsbergen, Triple Sport is a sport brand with bio-electrical processes, unique ingredients and innovative formulas that gives you a permanent change in your performance!

With all this knowledge Triple Sport has designed a oxygen program called Performance to support your body during your training or competition and recovery time.

Triple Sport | Performance is being used by the best sport professionals all around the world, you can find their testimonials on our website.

NO BANNED SUBSTANCES, Triple Sport guarantees not to use any bad substances in all their products.


Some of our Sport Professionals were after using Triple Sport | Performance during their competitions, tested for doping and the results were all negative. 

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In the late 80s a NASA researcher exploring different avenues regarding the electrode extraction of hydrogen from water found that they could kill the acidic oxygen residue with ocean salt. Amazingly they found that they had unintentionally discovered a totally normal strategy to stabilize out oxygen. Their discovery, Di-atomic oxygen, could convey 30 times more oxygen than tap water.

NASA never commercially developed this despite the fact that it was broadly utilized as a part of the space program. Lately Triple Sport has enhanced the procedure and the outcome is a stronger oxygen supplement.

Oxygen the most viral component to the human body 90% of our body's life vitality is made by oxygen. Lacking oxygen implies inadequate biological resources which can bring about ailments extending from mild fatigue to life threatening diseases.

Triple Sport | Performance Knows how to feed our bodies more oxygen which enables a higher level of oxidation in our body and metabolize health giving nutrients. It is pH balanced which makes it safe to use undiluted on the skin.

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The most potent liquid oxygen supplement available

'Triple Sport | Performance delivers your body more oxygen to support endurance throughout your training or competition. It optimizes strength enhances endurance & accelerates recovery.'

Triple Sport | Liquid Oxygen Program


Triple Sport | Performance delivers your body more oxygen to support endurance throughout your training  or competition. Its unique bio-electrical manufacturing process makes the oxygen stable in the solution.

Our Performance assists increased efficiency of normal respiratory Oxygen and provides extra Oxygen to your body.

Oxygen is critical for converting carbohydrate and fat into energy as well as utilizing protien and other nutrients in the repair and rebuilding of muscle tissue.

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What are the benefits of Performance?

It delivers your body more di-atomic oxygen it supports endurance throughout your training and/or competition. optimizes strength it enhances endurance & accelerates recovery.

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On taking Performance, what will I feel?

This may vary per individual but the vast majority of people report that they feel livelier and energized from the day they start taking Performance. You will encounter the possibility to breath in more deeper more controlled and calmer during your activity but also in rest or during sleep.

If you have an oxygen deficiency then it is possible that you can encounter a feeling of dizziness or headache which won't last more then a couple of minutes, in that instance we would recommend a smaller serving initially.

It is important to take Performance daily, ideally twice per day on a continuous basis for the best results, Performance does not influence you to feel tired or drowsy it will help with calming and relaxing. Because of this many people have discovered to find it use full to take Performance just before sleep.

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